State Of Being In Agreement

«I thought we`d already agreed,» Simpson says with a little warmth. The good news is that in August, California reached an agreement with the U.S. Forest Service to intensify these efforts, with the goal of treating one million hectares per year for the next two decades. Damages and interests: compensation awarded by law to a person who has been raped or suffers a loss by the act of another. data: facts or facts whose conclusions are drawn; information is collected to reach a conclusion. Deal: A transaction between two or more people; Enterprise agreement to achieve certain desired results. Death: the end of life. Most states legally define death as the irreversible attitude of (a) brain function (brain death) or (b) circulatory and respiratory function. Death allowance: money paid by an insurance company or employer to a beneficiary when a person dies. Debt: money owed; Money owed as a result of an oral or written agreement or contract. Debtor: a person who owes money; Someone who has a contractual obligation to pay a debt. Death: a person who died. Center-like, a deceased.

Deklaratt: The person who makes a statement, usually written, as a living will. Statement: a formal declaration that measures legal significance; z.B. a «trusst statement» creates trust. Decree: The decision of a court of justice. A judgment is a court decision. Deductible: The portion of a claim that an insured must pay before payment is paid by an insurance company. Act: written document that transfers ownership of real estate and its properties to another person or person. Deem: to be determined; Take into account to evaluate. late payment: the inability of a person, person, business or municipality to repay debts; non-compliance with an obligation. Defending: To try to defeat a claim or charge; to represent a defendant. Defendant: the party that refutes an allegation by an applicant; the person charged in a trial. Defence: the refusal of the charge, brought by a complainant against a defendant; a response to a complaint.

Delete: Exceeding or deleting certain words, phrases or clauses from a legal document. Intentionally: 1. An action that has been imagined and thought out.

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