Xfinity Service Agreement

The easiest way to cancel the Xfinity service is to fill out an online cancellation form. This way, you don`t have to deal with annoying customer service employees who might try to make you stay. Xfinity services are available to you, as well as to anyone who uses Xfinity service and/or equipment («you» or «you») under the terms and conditions defined in this Agreement (the «Contract») and at all rates, service guides, guidelines and procedures issued by an operating subsidiary or associated company of Comcast Cable Communications, LLC that offer such a service («Comcast,» «we,» «we» or «ours» For the purposes of this contract, «affiliate» means any organization that jointly controls, controls or controls Comcast Cable Communications, LLC. Services include cable television and other video broadcasting services («TV»), Internet Xfinity («Internet»), Xfinity Voice («Voice») and other services that Comcast may designate as ancillary services for television, internet or voice services (each a «service» and together «services»). The services provided under this Agreement do not include Xfinity Home, Xfinity Mobile Services, own or controlled Comcast websites that have their own terms of use and the policies to which these sites may be accessed. d. Software. If you use certain features of the service, for example. B online features (if available), you may need software, applications and/or Internet access.

Comcast does not commit or guarantee that the software or application installed on customer devices, downloaded from customer equipment or available on the Internet did not contain viruses or other harmful features. It is your responsibility to take appropriate measures to protect the customer`s devices from damage to their software, files and data due to such a virus or other harmful functions. We may, but we are not obligated to terminate all or part of the installation or operation of the service if a virus or any other function or malware is present on your customer device. We don`t have to help you eliminate viruses. If we decide, at our sole discretion, to install or run virus control software on your client device, we will not insure or guarantee that the antivirus control software will detect or correct viruses. You acknowledge that you may pay extra for service calls made or required due to a problem with a virus or other malicious feature detected on your customer device. NEITHER COMCAST NOR ITS AFFILIATES, SUPPLIERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, CONTRACTORS, DISTRIBUTORS, LICENSORS OR BUSINESS PARTNERS WILL HAVE ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR ANY DAMAGE TO OR LOSS OF ANY HARDWARE, SOFTWARE, FILES, OR DATA RESULTING FROM A VIRUS, ANY OTHER HARMFUL FEATURE, OR FROM ANY ATMTEMPT TO REMOVE IT.C THIRD-PARTY FEES THAT ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. You acknowledge that fees can be charged to third parties, for example.

B for access to online services or when purchasing or subscription to other offers that are separate from the amounts we have charged. You are solely responsible for all these taxes that must be paid to third parties, including all applicable taxes. In addition, you are solely responsible for protecting the security of payment cards and other personal data provided to others in connection with such transactions. d. Alternative billing agreements. We may accept the provision of billing services on behalf of third parties. Such taxes must be paid by third parties under a contract or other agreement between you and the third party. We are not responsible for disputes over these costs between you and those third parties.

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