Reliance Agreement Smart Irb

The SMART IRB agreement is a national framework agreement that allows institutions not to be obliged to negotiate individual IRB authorisation agreements per study or study group. Participating institutions may, under this Agreement, transfer the examination of research on human persons to the IRB of another participating institution. Optimize IRB verification for multi-site studies and eliminate the time and labor burden for negotiating IRB authorization agreements for each new study. Learn more about membership today. For studies subject to the NIH-sIRB directive where a site participating in a multi-site study has granted a waiver from the SIRB verification requirement, it is expected that the participating site will receive its own assessment/determination from the local IRB. A trust agreement would not be concluded with this site. As of May 25, 1, 2017, the NIH has required that all national sites participating in multicenter research studies (each site applying the same protocol) use a single IRB (SIRB). The niHN Directive, which provides for the use of a single institutional audit committee for research on multiple websites, applies to non-exempt research on human-related topics, whether supported by grants, cooperation agreements, contracts or the NIH intramural research programme. It does not apply to career development, research training or scholarships. This Directive shall apply to all competing grant applications (renewal, renewal, review or reintroduced) on or after the date of receipt of 25 May 2017. If CHOP IRB is to be the IRB exam, the CHOP clinician submits the study (or the modification to add the University of Pennsylvania as a site) to the CHOP IRB (in eIRB) and indicates in the application that it is a multicenter study for which «CHOP will serve as a control IRB for one or more other institutions.» The completed Penn CHOP destination form, signed by the examiner, must be attached to the application.

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