Single Member Llc Operating Agreement Template

Please note that this document cannot be used for an LLC with multiple members (an LLC with more than one member). It should only be used in an LLC with a single member (LLC of a single member). When an LLC wishes to enter into an enterprise agreement with multiple members, it must use the LLC enterprise agreement. A common, fundamental misunderstanding about the single member LLC company agreement is that this document gives much more power than it actually does. In reality, your company agreement will not exceed the law, no matter what it says. Thus, you do not lose your limited liability protection simply because you do not have an agreement. And you won`t be able to circumvent the law just because you say questionable behavior (like using your business account as a personal piggy bank) is correct in your agreement. The form should be used to consolidate LLC`s status as a separate entity from the owner`s personal wealth. The role of the owner in the business as well as all senior managers, registered agents, managers and all other positions should be listed. Once completed, the document must be kept at the head office and is not submitted to a government agency. Given the importance of this document and the fact that we offer free custom business agreements, there is virtually no reason for your company to give them up.. .

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