Today`s Agreement

Across the institution, each contract now has a responsible owner to oversee the renewal process. The Vice President of Medical Education/Designated Institutional Officer (DIO) is the responsible owner of contracts that have a significant influence on the training of our apprentices (i.e. the groups that serve as residency and fellowship faculty and those that provide significant training and clinical supervision of apprentices). In addition, the timing of the renewal process has been revised, so that all parties need time to review the contractual terms, evaluate the services provided, obtain new terms and, in the absence of agreement, develop alternative plans to minimize the impact on education. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said today (10 Regarding the agreement between the German Presidency and the European Parliament`s negotiating team), Elisa Ferreira, European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, said: «I welcome today`s political agreement on the Interreg Regulation. This programme supports and facilitates territorial cooperation in order to overcome the formal and informal obstacles that prevent border regions from developing and exploiting their full potential. It also facilitates cooperation between regions at the external borders, responds to their specific development needs and contributes to a safer and more secure Europe. The agreed package responds in many ways to the demands of the European Parliament: the Commission today welcomed the political agreement of the European Parliament and the Member States on the Commission`s proposal for European territorial cooperation programmes after 2020 («Interreg»). This is the third dossier on cohesion policy, whose trilogue negotiations have been completed pending the final adoption of the legislative texts by the plenary of the European Parliament and the Council. Speaking to Sky News` Sophy Ridge on Sunday, Dominic Raab said: «I can`t close the door» to this possibility, but admitted that «there is still a long way to go» before a deal is possible. Our first step in the review process was to clarify our definition of a disaster.

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