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You agree to pay all applicable fees and all applicable federal, state, and local taxes. Schwab`s failure to deduct fees from your account if you incur such fees does not waive Schwab`s right to deduct such fees from your account at a later date. Automatic dividend reinvestment can give you a partial equity position in partially recoverable securities. In the event of a call, the sub-actions to be recalled will be selected in the case of an automated random selection where the probability that your assets will be selected is proportional to the holdings of all Schwab clients holding partial positions in that security. You have the right to withdraw from your account prior to the date of publication of a partial call instead of your unsused and fully paid partial share positions. We get the market data from industry sources that are considered reliable. However, the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or correct sequence of market data cannot be guaranteed by us or by market data providers. Neither we nor the market data providers are responsible for any interruption in the availability of market data or your access to market data. All transactions made under the Schwab StockBuilder® plan will be confirmed on your regular bank statement. You can find out immediately by calling our toll-free number. You agree to use the Offerings only for your individual use in your business. You will not disclose the Offerings to any person or entity other than the officers, partners or employees of your company. Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Therefore, we are required to inform you of the availability of a FINRA investor brochure containing information about FINRA`s disclosure program. You can contact FINRA`s public helpline at 1-800-289-9999 or online at www.finra.org. You will not receive a separate confirmation for transactions in your cash function. Your bank statements reflect all transactions in your treasury function (including purchases, redemptions, dividends, dividend reinvestments, deposits, and interest). When we hedge a short position, we may, in our sole discretion, purchase securities on your behalf, either on a normal settlement basis, the next day or on a cash settlement basis. The price of securities purchased the next day or on the basis of a cash settlement is generally higher than that of securities purchased on a normal settlement basis. The hedging price of the short position may be higher than the price at which you received a short sale. Therefore, you may suffer a loss in this transaction.

Cancelled orders for good cash registers (GTC) are automatically cancelled only when business closes on the 60th calendar day following the date of execution of the order or the next working day if the 60th day is a weekend or a public holiday. You acknowledge that if you do not cancel an open GTC order, the transaction may be made on the basis of your initial instructions at any time until business closes on the 60th calendar day or the following business day. For securities that distribute or split dividends in cash, the open orders of the GTC are adjusted in accordance with stock exchange regulations, unless otherwise specified. With the exception of applications commonly referred to as web browsing software or other applications officially approved in writing by Schwab, you agree not to use any software, programs, applications or other devices to access or connect to Schwab`s computer systems, website or proprietary software or the recovery process, Automate download, the transfer or transfer of content. Information or quotations on or from Schwab`s computer systems, website or proprietary software. .

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